Travel Tips

Travel in the Netherlands

From Amsterdam Central Station the trip to Delft by Train will take approximately one hour and cost €12.40.  From Schiphol airport it is approximately 45 minutes and € 9.50.  For details, please visit: (Please note that Google trip does not work as well in the Netherlands as it does in North America, so it is suggested that you visit website of national rail (NS) company directly by clicking on the above link.)

We suggest that you purchase a public transit smartcard called ‘OV-chipkaart’ and load it with enough money to get you to Delft and back plus some extra for local trips. This smartcard is a ticket for all public transport in the Netherlands, and can be used on the train, bus, and metro. It works by ‘checking in’ when you enter a vehicle and ‘checking out’ when you exit.

An anonymous OV-chipkaart (ideal for tourists) can be bought for €7.50 at the station or airport from NS ticket machines with a pink OV-chipkaart sign and from NS service desks.

Please note that if you are planning on joining the pre-conference tour of Amsterdam an OV-chipkaart will be necessary.

Luggage lockers at Amsterdam Central Station

For those who would like to spend some time in Amsterdam before or after your stay in Delft, luggage lockers are available for a small fee. Please check rates here:

Renting a bicycle in Delft


To get the ‘true’ Dutch experience, you must get on a bicycle. Although most hotels have a limited number of bicycles available for guests, rentals can also be made from the train station and bicycle shops.

At the backside of Delft’s main station you can rent a bicycle for €6.50 per day. You will have to leave a deposit of €50.00, and also show valid ID. For more information phone: +31(0)15-2143033.

Additionally, you can also rent from Halfords, a store located 10 minutes by foot from the central station. Bicycle rentals are possible Monday - Saturdays and cost €5,00 per day. A deposit of €50.00 will  be required as well as valid ID. For more information phone: +31(0)15 213 8558 or visit

Please remember that bicycle theft is a reality. Secured bicycle parking facilities are located at the station, the Vesteplein and the Oude Langendijk (Next to the Nieuwe Kerk).

Visa requirements

Please ensure that you have the appropriate travel documents before arrival in the Netherlands. Information about obtaining a Schengen visa can be found at:

Credit cards


For safety reasons, credit card use in the Netherlands increasingly requires a 4 digit PIN-code. Credit card use in general is reasonable common, but not by far as much as in the US, UK or Scandinavia. In tourist destinations you will generally find credit cards widely accepted, as well as in larger shops and restaurants in the rest of the country, but ask in advance or check the icons that are usually displayed at the entrance.

Weather and dress code

There is no dress code for WSTLUR 2014, so business casual is welcomed. Although it will be summer during the symposium time, yet a light waterproof jacket is needed at nights and early morning as it get a little cold also it will protect you from rain.

Keeping in touch

The international calling code for the Netherlands is 31. The outbound international prefix is 00, so to call the US, substitute 001 for +1 and for the UK 00 44 for +44.